Titanium Adventure Road for Eli

Adventure Road in Titanium

Steel Adventure Road for Bryan

Adventure Road in Titanium

Adventure Road for David

Adventure Road in Titanium

Ernel’s Titanium Gravel Bike

Dawn Patrol by Peter Thomsen

Bounty Hunter Scrambler

Harrisons’s Titanium Gravel Bike

Photo Pace

Titanium Adventure Road for Chris

Schultes Secret

Schultes is one of my favorite mixed-terrain routes. The route is mostly off the beaten path and a taste of Santa Cruz riding at its finest. It is the most fun on an Adventure Road or Gravel bike, but doable on a road bike with 28’s. It covers around 40 miles with 4,500 ft of climbing. Get the turn-by-turn details on Map My Ride.

See the route/directions here: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/3775392184