Custom titanium and steel bicycles

Handmade by John Caletti in Santa Cruz, CA Since 2004

John Caletti | Framebuilder

Custom-tailored, Purpose-built Bicycles

Thanks for your interest in Caletti Cycles. I would love to build you the bike of your dreams. My process and technique will create a bike that is uniquely yours. I accomplish this through rider specific design. Custom geometry and fit, combined with hand-selected tubesets and curated build-kits, create the ultimate ride experience.

  • Gravel Bike

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    Custom Caletti Cycles titanium gravel bike with Enve, Chris King and Shimano Dura-Ace
  • Born in Santa Cruz

    There’s a bit of Santa Cruz in the DNA of every Caletti.


    Super versatile shred sled

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  • Custom Finishes

    The sky is the limit with custom finishes.

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Loving loving loving loving loving loving loving the RRS!
Phillip McNamaraSteel Road Race Special@phillip.c.mcnamara

Thanks so much for all your great work and creativity on the bike.  It looks great and rides fantastic.

GeriSteel Scrambler
What an amazing machine you’ve made me John! This bike is absolutely incredible – fast, comfortable, stable, and so much feel.
Ed LangstrothSteel Adventure Road

Man this thing can descend! The way the frame and wheels soak up bad road is unbelievable. I found myself going faster AND feeling way more confident on the descents.

Ryan AndersonTitanium Adventure Road
I am delighted with my beautiful new bike! It’s more comfortable for my elbows and wrists—and yet it also climbs very well. The descents are fun, and feel lively yet secure. Thanks!
Harry DennisSteel Road Bike

The more I ride the more I appreciate how the bike just seems to flow.


The RRS performs flawlessly… this is the best bike I’ve ever owned.

PhillipRoad Race Special

… this thing is a dream. Snappy, comfortable, and sexy. Totally love it, thank you!

Alex SchlosserRoad Race Special

I absolutely love the bike, it is a dream to ride. On my commute it is ridiculous fast, and super comfortable, and it gets a ton of comments at stop lights. Thank you so much, this is just fantastic work.

George O’QuinnSteel Adventure Road
Easily the best bike I’ve ever ridden! It’s light, fast, comfortable, and very beautiful…it makes me happy every time I’m on it.
Rick CacciaRoad Race Special

I love the ride quality of titanium, it seems to be the perfect balance of response and comfort.

Jeremiah KilleTitanium