Red Titanium Gravel Bike

Caletti x Kille Kits

CALETTI X KILLE Kits! We teamed up with our good friend and Santa Cruz artist, Jeremiah Kille on a new Caletti Cycles kit design. We are super stoked with how it came together. The pattern is a working mask and spray on piece Jeremiah created as part of his recent UCSC tanks project (see photos […]

Sean’s Titanium Gravel Bike

Jordan McLain RRS

John’s Titanium Adventure Road

Ian McWilliams Steel Gravel Bike

The Kitty Krusher 2018

Ride: Carmel Valley and River Road loop

Today the Tour Of California races from King City to the Laguna Seca Raceway by way of Carmel Valley Road. This past weekend we rode a favorite loop of ours that covers some of the same ground, traveling down the Salinas Valley on River Road, through the river valley of Arroyo Seco and Carmel Valley […]

Custom Finish: Where to Start

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