Custom Bicycles

Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California since 2004

We love to share our passion for cycling with you through our handmade bicycles that provide an elevated cycling experience.

Let us be your guide in creating something uniquely yours.

Right / Below: Framebuilder, John Caletti, on his Scrambler a few miles from the workshop. 

From our Customers:

“What an amazing machine you’ve made me John! This bike is absolutely incredible – fast, comfortable, stable, and so much feel.”  -Ed


“….this thing is a dream. Snappy, comfortable and sexy. Totally love it, thank you!”   -Alex

“Easily the best bike I’ve ever ridden! It’s light, fast, comfortable, and very beautiful…it makes me happy every time I’m on it.”  – Rick

“Man this thing can descend! The way the frame and wheels soak up bad road is unbelievable. I found myself going faster AND feeling way more confident on the descents.”  – Ryan

“I am delighted with my beautiful new bike! It’s more comfortable for my elbows and wrists—and yet it also climbs very well. The descents are fun, and feel lively yet secure. Thanks!”

I just wanted to say the bike is amazing, I’ve had a chance now to ride it on all my favorite rides and must say that it meets all my expectations. The road feel is exactly what I was looking for, it climbs and descends better than my previous carbon bike, and I was pleasantly surprised how well it sprints. ” – Sean

We offer complete bikes  or Framesets in Titanium or Steel with your choice of finish and parts package.


For your mixed route adventures. Comfortable for long rides and with the right mix of stability and agility for tackling both road and trail.

Available for single or double chainring drivetrains. Up to 700x45mm tires. Wireless Sram AXS or Mechanical Campagnolo.


Adventure Road

One of the best parts of cycling is exploring the world around us. This bike is your trusted companion when you have the urge to turn off the paved road onto the dirt and see where it leads. 

A modern classic of sorts, it blurs the line between Road Racer and Gravel bike.  The Adventure Road has a wheelbase, chainstay length and head angle that sits in between the two. This geometry retains a light turn-in with a bit of added compusure when adventure calls you.

Fits 700 x 28-38mm tires. 


Agile, fast, svelte and responsive.

Elegant simplicity in a modern component package of disc brakes and smarter tires makes for a speedy yet entirely approachable machine.

Room for up to 700x32mm tires.

* We can make you a rim bike if that is your preference. Tire clearance is 25mm and sometimes 28mm depending on rim and tire selection. 


Taking years of experience designing, building and riding all types of bikes on varied terrain, John created the Scrambler.  The Scrambler is a flat-bar-specific Gravel bike. The top tube is longer to match the flat bar and shorter stem. The head angle is reduced from a drop bar Gravel bike to have the right level of stability for this setup. It’s not as “slack” as a mountain bike, so it can retain a favorable weight distribution for solid handling on road descents and be nimble in the tight and twisty low angle terrain. If your routes are a mixed ramble of road and trail, but heavy on the dirt, the Scrambler may be for you. The flat bar is easy on the back and neck, great for hops and drops, and leaves plenty of room for a wide bar bag on your bikepack trips. 

Fits up to 700 x 50mm tires. Dropper post routing and a third bottle are available options. Fork has extra cage mounts. 




If you are looking for a sweet hardtail – we can make you one. Titanium or Steel. Geared or Single Speed, or adaptable for both.

Built as a custom. Contact us for pricing and information.



From our Customers:

“I can’t express to you HOW much I love my bike.  It really is the nicest bike I have ever ridden.” – Julie

I’m really enjoying my bike I got from you 3 years ago, it’s been amazing! My favorite bike ever by a long shot! ”  – Felicity

I will take this opportunity to again let you know again just how much I love the bike. Riding is such a joy.”  – Sonja

“Just wanted to say thanks for building me such a great bike and being so helpful during the build process. The bike is amazing and it is everything I thought it would be and more. It looks awesome and the finish details are amazing.” – Carlos

Place Your Order

Complete bikes are available with a number of parts options, including Sram AXS wireless, Campagnolo and Shimano drivetrains. Scramblers can be built with Shimano, Sram, and Ingrid.
If you already have parts we can supply you with a frameset (Frame, fork, Headset)


* Head tube length adjustmet of +/- 10mm (+ $90)

* Full custom geometry available (+ $300)


* Brake line inside down tube +$280 (Standard is external routing for brakes and cables. AXS Wireless bikes will have no cable guides, just a brake line.)

* 3rd water bottle mount under down tube +$75 (2 bottle mounts are standard)

* Stealth dropper routing +$95 (dropper control line inside seat tube, exits near BB)

Bottom bracket is a standard, English threaded BB. 

Handmade with care and passion.

John Caletti, owner and framebuilder, does the design and fabrication.

Zach is our mechanic, finisher and parts acquisition specialist.

Caletti Cycles is a member of 1% for the Planet.We give one percent of sales to organizations working to preserve and protect our home planet. In the past we have given to ocean conservation efforts, plastic capture and reduction, Amazon rainforest preservation, People for Bikes, Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship, and more.

Caletti Cycles is housed in a certified “Green Building” and is a member of the California Green Business Network.

We thank you for being a part of this positive change with us.


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