Order Process

Each bike starts with a conversation, and each conversation starts with you—Let’s get started.

1. Design Consultation

The first step in the process is an interview to direct bike format, custom geometry, and parts selection. One of the biggest benefits of a custom bike is the perfect fit tailored to you and your riding style. We start with a conversation to determine what bike is best for you. Next, I gather measurements of you and your existing bike. From this information, I create your custom geometry frame design. A $400 design consultation fee secures your slot in the production schedule and starts the process.

2. Parts Selection

Step 2 is parts selection and order. This goes hand in hand with the design phase. I work with you to select the optimal components for your design. ENVE, Chris King, Shimano, SRAM, Easton Cycling, and Jones Precision Wheels are some of my favorite partners. It can take some time for parts to arrive. To deliver your complete bike as soon as possible, I order your parts as soon as payment for your parts package is received. This allows me to secure your parts while your frame is in production.

3. Finish Design

I offer a number of select finishes and colors included with the frame price. I also partner with graphic designer, Peter Thomsen, who can work with you to create your dream custom paint scheme.

4. Fabrication

When your spot in the build queue arrives I build your bike to the approved specifications.

5. Finish Application

Steel frames are sent to get painted or powdercoated. Titanium frames get polished, anodized, masked and media blasted. Titanium frames can also be painted or powerdercoated. Color with raw titanium is one of my favorite finishing approaches.

6. Assembly

I take good care in the professional assembly of your complete bike with your selected parts kit.

7. Delivery

It’s new bike time! Most people visit the workshop to pick up their bikes. I’m also happy to ship anywhere. Plan that first ride on your new bike!

Ready to Start?

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If you are looking for a frame builder I encourage you to call (831) 426-0575 or email to talk about your project and ask some questions. I’m here to help.

When you’re ready for a new bike, a $400 design consultation fee secures your slot in the production schedule and starts the process.

Contact me for current lead times.