Whether your idea of a good time is rolling along deserted country roads chatting with friends, or you like to push each other to the limit for the city limits sprint or the top of the hill, a custom Caletti road bike is sure to make you smile, even if it’s a grimace of anaerobic pain.

I start with classic stage race geometry then custom tailor it  to your riding style and body type to create a refined and balanced machine.

Frames are made from butted high strength steel alloy or titanium. Tubes are selected and geometry tuned to meet your goals of fit, comfort, stiffness, and handling.

Steel Frame $2200

Titanium Frame $3200

Custom Geometry included

We are happy to work with you to build a complete bike with your choice of parts. Complete custom bikes start at $5170.

Purpose Built for

  • Road riding
  • Superior comfort through optimal fit
  • Technical Descents

Key Features

  • Custom-tailored fit and geometry
  • Predictable, stable handling
  • Handmade for you by John Caletti

From sublimely simply to simply sublime, our Finish Program let’s your bike be a unique expression of You.

We offer a number of select colors and finish designs or can help you with creating something custom.

Learn More : Finishes

Call  or e mail John to get started or just ask some questions. 831-426-0575

By every discernible sensory perception, I am connected to this bike. Having moved from the stock manufacturer carbon bike that I have put nearly 28,000 miles into to John’s titanium road build is a spandex-laden dream come true. It is responsive, fast, and just plain beautiful. Thank you for this work of functional art, John.
Nate KellerTi Road

I love the ride quality of titanium, it seems to be the perfect balance of response and comfort—the bike turned out to be a dream.

Jeremiah KilleTitanium Road Bikehttp://jeremiahkille.com

The creativity and attention to detail that you bring to your frames is truly impressive. Thank you again.

MarkTitanium Road Bike