A brave new world of steel.
High strength, heat treated, alloyed, butted and shaped tubing expertly crafted for speed. 
We have selected a smart mix of light tubing in larger diameters to keep the weight low and responsiveness high, while retaining durability. It’s no easy feat welding and working with these thin tubes, but John has the welding experience to join these tubes efficiently with a precise, pulsed TIG weld – ideal for this short butt length light tubing.

Super Steel Frame $2400

Custom Geometry included.

We are happy to work with you to build a complete bike with your choice of parts. Complete custom bikes start at $5370.

Purpose Built for

  • Speed
  • Fast Climbs
  • Technical Descents
  • Saturday morning local World Championships

Key Features

  • Our Lightest & Stiffest Model
  • High Performance Handling
  • Carves Corners like a Mofo

From sublimely simply to simply sublime, our Finish Program let’s your bike be a unique expression of You.

We offer a number of select colors and finish designs or can help you with creating something custom.

Learn More : Finishes

Call  or e mail John to get started or just ask some questions. 831-426-0575

… this thing is a dream. Snappy, comfortable, and sexy. Totally love it, thank you!

Alex SchlosserRoad Race Special
Easily the best bike I’ve ever ridden! It’s light, fast, comfortable, and very beautiful…it makes me happy every time I’m on it.
Rick CacciaRoad Race Special

Thanks for building me the hands-down best bike I’ve ever ridden. Thank you John! It’s amazing!

Peter ThomsenRoad Race Specialhttp://peterthomsen.com