Here is what Bryan had to say about his steel Adventure Road bike:

First 100 miles are in the bag and figured I would share my impressions of the bike so far. I usually need 1000 to really feel one with the machine, but first impressions are everything and usually don’t change much.

  • The weight increase over carbon is noticeable, especially at the beginning of known climbs and just over the top.  That being said, I have set PR’s on most of my local ones, so hard to complain much about that. Hoping to offset some with some lighter wheels.
  • The ride/road feel is amazing! What a great reminder of how well metal bikes ride over carbon.
  • I’m glad I stuck to my guns on the geo, as the bike actually fits. The front end specifically is exactly what I wanted and is a huge improvement over the bikes I have been riding.
  • I am also really happy with the build. There is grease where there is supposed to be grease and mechanically the bike is perfect. My spot check on a build from the LBS’s is to loosen a bolt and to hear that no grease snap. Thanks for the attention to detail.
  • The paint and color are a real show stopper. The grey is a close match to the Porsche Slate Grey, which was an unintended bonus.

Couldn’t be happier with the bike and the experience of this project has been fun for me.  Looking forward to the miles and being able to ride different terrain with different wheels on this thing.

Really tempted to start a Ti gravel build and will let you know on that.

Thanks again!