I am not a morning person. However, I’m determined to spend as much time on two wheels as I can this year and to say yes to adventures. When Chris texted, “Dawn patrol tomorrow? 5:30 am rollout?” I was in and excited to capture dawn patrol ride photos.

It’s cold, wet, and dark at 5:30 am in January in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s also quiet, calm, and serene. You hear and see birds waking up. The coyotes are running around. The road, trails, and normally crowded places are empty. It’s an entirely different experience from riding when the world is awake and is worth the early alarm clock and numb fingers.

Chris and I have ventured into the dark a handful of times this month. Our titanium Adventure Road bikes have been perfect for our early morning mixed route explorations and sunrise chases.

Below is a taste of our early mornings so far.

Stay tuned for more dawn patrol ride photos. You can find me on instagram at @peterthomsen and flickr. Follow Chris at @dirtdrops and chriscoronastudios.com

-peter thomsen

Dawn Patrol on the bluffs at Wilder Ranch State Park
Dawn Patrol ride meetup at the corner.
Chris climbing into the morning sun