Titanium Adventure Road with bronze anodized logos

Peter’s Titanium Adventure Road Bike

The Adventure Road bike lives in the sweet spot of agility and stability – between the tight geometry of a Road Racer and the relaxed posture of a Gravel bike. We’ve been building and refining them for years and it has become our most popular model. Peter’s bike showcases the versatility of this format. He is running 700c carbon wheels with wide extralight tires when the terrain is paved and moderate gravel. When he heads for more rugged surfaces he swaps for a 650b wheelset with knobby tires. With two sets of wheels our Adventure Road can fit the bill as a light gravel bike, road bike, and all-road bike in one.



  • Frame: Titanium Adventure Road with custom geometry
  • Fork:  ENVE Gravel
  • Finish: Bronze anodized logos




Titanium Adventure Road gravel bike with bronze anodized logos
Titanium gravel bike frame with titanium seatpost