We love helping your create your dream bike, from tubing and geometry to the parts that complete the build to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Here are a few options to consider as you dream up your next bike.

Enve Wheels

Improve the performance of your bike in a significant way with excellent wheels. Enve rims are designed and MADE in the USA, after extensive testing in the field, wind tunnel and top level racing, and they are backed up with a great warranty and customer service. An Enve wheel upgrade reduces weight, improves aerodynamics, and adds a robustness that improves cornering and acceleration. Most are quite wide, which increases tire volume to get extra width, traction and cushion without the extra weight. I’ve already bashed mine though some big pot holes I didn’t see, and the hits were enough to do some real damage, but my Enve wheels came out unscathed! Are Enve wheels are built by hand and with our favorite Chris King hubs for performance and long term durability.

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Power meters are an increasingly popular tool for improving fitness and performance as well as pacing and energy management on long rides. Today they have better integration and are easier to use. Stages is a top option for almost any crankset. Stages power meters will work with any ANT+ or Bluetooth cycling computer, including Garmin, Wahoo, etc and of course Stages own Dash unit. You can even use power and your phone/strava with no computer at all. If you are using Di2, use the hidden buttons on the end of the hoods to control it. The power meter function is on the back of the crank arm, very sleek. We can provide Stages cranks and Dash with your bike. Lear more at stagescycling.com.

Stages Dash


I build a lot of variations of Road / Adventure Road / Gravel / Cross bikes and gearing solutions are different based on use and rider. For those who spend a lot of time off road, a single front chainring paired with a wide range (11-42T) cassette is a popular option. For Riders on the road or doing mixed terrain riding, the jumps between gears on a 1x (single chainring) setup can be a bit much, and thus most of these riders find that a double crankset provides the range and tight spacing they desire to ride an efficient cadence over a broad range of terrain. A common request is LOW gearing – maybe due to ultra long rides, maybe for the steeper pitches encountered when venturing off-pavement, or just to keep a good cadence on tough climbs. Whatever your reasons, there are great options. With a standard compact crankset of 34 and 50 teeth from Shimano or Sram you can use a cassette up to 30T with Dura Ace, or with an Ultegra or Sram longer cage derailleur you can go to a 11-32 or 11-34. Up front a popular selection has been to use the Easton EC90 SL carbon crankset. The single ring option has graced most of our 1x builds, but with their new direct mount double chainrings and ultra-compact 32×47 gearing, we are using them more than ever. The weight is lower than the competition and they are quite stiff and efficient. I’ve found that riding the ultra-compact 32×47 crank with a wide range 11-32 cassette, I have a huge range, a very low gear, tight jumps in between gears, and a surprise side benefit is that I use it much like a 1x drivetrain – staying in the 47T ring the majority of the time and just shifting the rear. I only go into the small ring for steep pitches, so I do a lot less front shifting than my previous 34×50 setup.

Best Gravel Bike handlebar

Flared drop bars of the past have been so extreme that the lever position change makes it awkward to shift and brake from the hoods, and thus have seen little adoption. Enve has taken a deep dive into what makes the ideal Gravel bike handlebar and designed a drop bar with a compound bend and a moderate amount of flare so you can reap the benefits of added confidence and control from a wide stance in the drops while retaining the ergonomic and familiar position of your levers. They also slimmed the cross section for a touch more comfort than their road bars and widened the flat area on the top. These details add up to produce our favorite Gravel bike bar.

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A pedal for Adventure Road bikes

After another winter of digging mud out of my road cleats and pedals mid ride, I made the switch to this Road SPD pedal from Shimano. It’s only 279g, $100, low profile, and most importantly doesn’t clog up with dirt. The cleat is a standard 2 bolt SPD cleat – same as I use on my Mountain bike pedals.  My shoes are a mountain bike style shoe, the Giro Empire – which are lighter and stiffer than the road shoes they replaced. Oh, and I can actually walk around in them!