Is deciding on a custom finish keeping you awake at night? We know how that goes and we can help. Customers often say they’d like to do a custom finish but don’t know where to start. We love taking a bit of inspiration and running with it to create something unique.


Zach’s Titanium Adventure Road

Zach’s adventure road bike is a perfect example. Zach mentioned, “I like the new Chris King Matte Punch color.” We took it from there to create a painted, anodized and polished finish design for his titanium whip.

Covey’s Steel Single Speed MTB

Our good friend Covey came to us for a steel single speed mountain. He brought with him a very well loved vintage Bay to Breakers event t-shirt. He asked, “Can we do something like this for the finish?”

We created a finish design based on his favorite shirt and presented the mockup below for his review and approval.

The final product looks like this:


Anne’s Titanium Road Bike

Anne found an IPA can design with colors and general vibe she loved. Taking this inspiration we created a one-of-a-kind finish for her:


What inspires you? It can inspire your finish design.

Keep it simple. Think in concepts instead of direct reproduction. We can help translate your concept to a finish design that works well with the constraints of a bicycle frame.