Ryan’s Titanium Adventure Road

Fine tuned for Ryan’s fit and the riding style. Tight enough for punch efforts on fast road rides but with the larger tires and geometry tweaks, he can venture off the pavement.

Sram E Tap with hydraulic disc brakes provides top performance and keeps the lines clean with a beautiful absence of shift cables. Jones Carbon wheels punch through the wind and are tough enough for gobbling up cobbles. We opted for the new Matte Slate color for the Chris King headset and hubs, as it’s a great match to titanium and does not compete with the other colors used on the bike.

Custom Caletti titanium seatpost finished to match, as well as the titanium headset spacers I made for him, and the King cages we finished to match as well. The finish design was quite a project. It started with some notes from Ryan on colors he liked as well as his appreciation for sneaker design. After Peter and Ryan and I went through a bunch of brain storming, refinement, trials, additions, subtractions, I think we came up with a great and balanced design that checks all the boxes. We used a “Jacob’s Ladder” shoe-lacing pattern in purple across the top tube and continuing up the seatpost. The elephant skin styled pattern surrounds chainstays and the front end of the bike with an Aqua colored Caletti logo dropped into it. A shoe tread mark is hidden under the down tube like a footprint in polished titanium. The masking and unmasking took a R e a l l y  L O N G time, but the end result is stunning!

Jones Precision carbon tubeless hoops laced to Chris King R45 disc hubs are a little extra magic. We’ve been really happy working with our friend John Jones, a super pro wheel builder in Santa Barbara who builds these beauties with his wide, disc specific, tubeless-compatible carbon rims.