Titanium and SRAM eTap, no wires, just magic.

Build Kit
• SRAM Red eTap
• Jones Precision carbon / Chris King wheelset
• ENVE Gravel Road Disc fork
• Chris King headset and Threaded oversize Bottom Bracket
• Caletti Titanium seatpost
• King Cage titanium bottle cages
Jennifer got the first bike with Sram eTap and hydro disc brakes to go out of the shop! It’s pretty remarkable kit, the clean look of NO derailleur cables/wires is very nice. The brakes have a great feel and adjustment for reach and free-stroke/pad contact. Add to those great brakes the lower gearing and wider tires with clearance and the bike really invites exploring new routes. Have fun out there Jennifer! I sure did enjoy building this bike.
Jennifer and I worked with Dave Liotta at Be Fit Consultants. Dave did some great work with Jennifer assessing and planning her position on the bike along with a new crank length recommendation. I then integrated the information from their fit session into the bike design and plan.

Follow up: I wanted to share with you all a great review of the bike from the pilot herself. Here’s an e mail I received from Jennifer.

“Oh. My. Goodness.

Adventures abound…

Most of the below I could have said after the first ride, but, well, I’m a scientist and we do like our sample sizes to be bigger than n=1. I wanted to put some miles on it before emailing you with my reaction. I’ve got a handful of rides in now, including flats, climbs, descents and a little gravel. I’m struggling to put into words just how amazing and fun this bike is. I haven’t stopped smiling!

From the first cruisy ride around the neighborhood, I felt super comfortable. Yes, it fits (which I expected), but what I didn’t realize was coming was how perfectly my center of mass is positioned on the frame. I’ve always heard that you should be able to steer the bike with your core and I never really understood that until now. Other things that feel way more stable: turning to see traffic over my shoulder, reaching for the water bottles, looking around at the scenery, chasing a truck down 84 after enjoying a beer at Alice’s… 

Another magical bit is how smooth *and* responsive it is. On the flats, I’ve found myself in such a zen-like state that I feel like I can ride for hours. This bike is like buttah. And the choice of the 11-32 cassette, combined with the shorter cranks, is a real blessing when I’m climbing. This past week I rode up Kings Mtn and actually enjoyed it.

I finally mustered the courage to take it off road yesterday and that was an experience. I’m not a mountain biker, so this was a bit like diving into the deep end. I was really surprised how well it handled gravel, even when going uphill. And, yeah, there was one moment when climbing a gravel path where I lost steam, got myself into the soft edge, came to a stop and tipped over. Lots of dust and a little scuffing up, so the bike is now fully broken in! (oh, odd side note/question – it was pretty dusty from the gravel so I cleaned it when I got home. The bottom bracket has “RITA” stamped on it…do you name the bikes as you build them?)

Thank you for building me such an amazing bike. It is so much fun to ride that I am a little sad every time I get home and have to climb off. Of course, that doesn’t last long because as soon as I get to ride again, I just smile and chuckle and appreciate how lucky I am.”