Titanium. ENVE. MTB Ripper handmade for Casey.

I’m really happy to bring this mountain bike platform to life. I designed and tested the concepts on my own bike, and have been brining these design updates and improvements to the current mountain bike builds. The top tube is long, made to be used with a short stem. This preserves the cockpit length for a great fit while taking advantage of the longer front center for a more rearward weight bias that’s super helpful for riding steeper descents. The short stem provides a bit more leverage than a longer stem, aiding stability. Stability is further enhanced with the slacker head angle. I don’t like the bikes to feel “slow” in their steering, so as always, we aim for a nice balance of quickness and lightness of steering with stability. Both ends of the bike use the wider “boost” spacing which provides more bracing angle on the spokes, hub and frame. It also helps with tire clearance. Casey’s bike is set up with 2.35″ 29er tires, but can also be used with 27.5″+ (2.8″ or 3.0″) tires. I offset the seat tube to the front of the bottom bracket shell to provide a bit more tire clearance so I can shorten the chainstays. The dropouts are adjustable for chainstay length adjustments for running wider/narrower tires or to set the bike up as a single speed. The removable and replaceable cable guides make it easy to change parts or set the bike up with/without a rear derailleur or dropper post. The control cable is out of the way, exiting the bottom of the seatpost, running through the seat tube and exits near the bb to route along the down tube with the other cables.
All in all, these details and others make for a really fun and capable hard tail mountain bike.
I’m also really stoked about the new graphic I designed and anodized on this bike. I did some more sample pieces with this graphic today and we are going to offer this as one of our finish options on titanium frames. In steel, we could paint it on. Speaking of steel, I’ll soon be building a steel 29er that will feature many of these same details and a special 80’s “Bay To Breakers” inspired finish. More on that later.
Thanks for reading,