Fabian’s Titanium Adventure Road Bike


We couldn’t be more thrilled with how well Fabian’s custom finish titanium Adventured Road Bike turned out.

It’s such a versatile machine, well suited to the broken pavement this winter has dished out, or venturing off the pavement and into the parks, or just a super capable road machine – it does it all.

I worked with Fabian and our in house graphic designer, Peter, to collaborate on this finish design that uses two tones of media blast on raw titanium complemented by nice color in the paint. Graphics span across multiple zones of the frame to create different views from each angle.

Fabian got some really nice kit on this one, with a full suite of Enve Composites parts, including their brilliant 3.4 wheelset, which is a very sensible, purposeful and balanced approach to an all around aero wheel. Dura Ace and disc brakes round it out.
As good as this bike looks, Fabian has already gotten it out on the dirt roads to collect some dust. As it should be.